New Adult Sunday School Classes Begin

New Adult Sunday School Classes Begin

time 9:15 am

September 9, 2018

There will be one new Adult Sunday School class beginning Sunday, September 9th at 9:15am:
(meets in the Fellowship Hall)

A Life of Relationships:

The question is not whether or not we are relational people, but rather the manner in which we tend to the relationships which comprise our lives. Every second of our lives from conception to the grave (and beyond) is relational to the core as we are in relationship with God (whether for or against him) and in manifold relationships with others around us. Some people may be more outgoing or shy by nature, but those personality distinctives come within a more basic network of relationships we have as image bearers of God. And sadly, no matter our personality types, we all have past relational experiences which jade our view of the subject at hand. Some are naively optimistic about relationships and others skeptically pessimistic based upon past relational experience (even indescribable abuse).

Come, explore with us this relevant topic so that no matter our different personalities and past histories, we are all asking the same questions about what it means to live in relationship with our Creator-Redeemer and in relationship with one another (which will call us to ever deepening awareness of ourselves as well!). May we be free of “hiding,” free of “faking,” free of “objectifying,” free of “controlling,” free of “punishing,” free of “co-depending,” free of “falsely defining our freedoms” as we learn what it means to be truly free in Christ to love our relational God and to love our neighbor as ourselves.