New Adult Sunday School Classes Begin

New Adult Sunday School Classes Begin

time 9:15 am

September 10, 2017

Two new adult Sunday School classes begin this fall (September 10 – December 17th):

Reformation Profiles – October 20th marks the 500th anniversary of the start of what is known as the Protestant Reformation. We trace our spiritual roots as a church back to this great period of spiritual revival and reformation in the church. In order to honor our forefathers (and mothers!) in the faith, and to learn from their example, we will be reflecting in this class on some of the key figures (and perhaps some lesser known ones) of the Reformation and seeking to learn from their faithful service to the cause of Christ, often at great personal sacrifice. It is always edifying and challenging to consider the lives of the faithful saints who have preceded us, leaving us a legacy to treasure. This class meets in the prayer room next to the Fellowship Hall.

Ephesians: The Beauty of Christ and His Blood-Bought Bride – the Gospel of Jesus Christ is like a multifaceted diamond which, beautiful as a whole, sparkles uniquely from different angles. So too with the church of God which, quoting the Getty song, is “the prize for which (Christ) died.” Join us as we explore the beauty of Christ in his Gospel and the beauty of Christ’s bride, his people; and the book of Ephesians offers us these vistas from the vantage point of Paul, the Spirit-inspired apostle-pastor who loved and invested in this Ephesian church with supernatural warmth and affection. May Christ and his people be more beautiful to us as a result. This class meets in the large adult Sunday school class on the 3rd floor.